[:en]Item about beat perception in RTL Editie NL[:nl]Item over maatgevoel in RTL Editie NL[:]

[:en]Following the release of the Clapping Music App, which was designed by researchers from Queen Mary University in London, I was asked to appear in RTL Editie NL to talk about beat perception. See the full item here.[:nl]Naar aanleiding van het uitkomen van de Clapping Music App, die ontwikkeld is door wetenschappers van Queen Mary University in Londen, […]

Interview in Folia Magazine

[:en]On March 20, Folia Magazine published a short portrait on me in “Folia maakt kennis”. I was interviewed for Folia Radio on the same day.  You can find the portrait here (in Dutch): Folia Magazine interview. You can listen to the complete interview below (in Dutch). [:nl]Op 20 maart verscheen er in de rubriek “Folia maakt kennis” een portret over […]