Presenting at SMART and NVP

I will be presenting at both the the SMART Cognitive Science Conference and the bi-annual conference of the NVP this month.

At SMART, I will present behavioural data from several tests that assess beat perception abilities during the Musicality Phenotype workshop.

At NVP, I will present EEG data looking at the difference between beat-based and memory-based expectations in musical rhythm.


Why do people enjoy music? Can everyone dance? What are potential benefits of music for humans? These are fascinating questions, especially if you are, like I am, intrigued by the human mind and love music. I am a cognitive-neuroscience-researcher-slash-used-to-be-performing-clarinettist hoping to answer questions like these and many more. 

In my current research, I aim to find out how the human brain can make sense of music in the first place. How do we go from vibrating air to perceiving the rich sensation that music is? More specifically, I am examining how the perception of rhythm relates to general predictive processing in the brain. You can find some of outcomes under Publications. I am of course not doing all of this alone! I am lucky to be collaborating with and working under supervision of the amazing Prof. Dr. Heleen SlagterProf. Dr. Henkjan Honing, and Dr. Jessica Grahn, and I am helped by many colleagues and students!

For information about internships and thesis supervision, please email me directly.

ABC Talent Grant

I am the lucky recipient of one of two ABC Talent Grants, awarded in September 2016 by Amsterdam Brain and Cognition. The purpose of this grant (100.000 euros) is to spend one year as a postdoctoral researcher at UvA, continuing my research on rhythm and beat perception in the brain. I will be supervised by Dr. Heleen Slagter and Prof. Henkjan Honing. Dr. Slagter is an expert on predictive processing in the brain, and I am very much looking forward to working with her on connecting my research about rhythm and beat perception with general theories about predictive processing!