Why do we like music? Article in the Volkskrant

Last Saturday, an article appeared in the Volkskrant about why we like music so much. Prof. Henkjan Honing (my PhD supervisor) comments on the possible evolutionary roots for our love for music, and I chime in with some thoughts on why our brains like music so much (spoiler: something to do with expectations!). See the […]

Symposium on sad music

On June 24, after two intensive and inspiring weeks of the ABC Summer School on Musicality, I had the honour to moderate a symposium on sad music, with a keynote lecture by Prof. David Huron, to celebrate him receiving the Honorary Frijda Chair. A recording of this hybrid symposium is now online, including the keynote […]

Awarded NWO Veni grant

Extremely happy to announce that I have been awarded an NWO Veni grant! This personal grant will allow me to continue my research into how we perceive patterns and the beat in musical rhythm for the next 4 years. You can find more information in the NWO press release.

Paper on beat-based and memory-based expectations out in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Bouwer, F.L., Honing, H., & Slagter, H.A. (2020). Beat-based and Memory-based Temporal Expectations in Rhythm: Similar Perceptual Effects, Different Underlying Mechanisms All data, experimental files, and analysis scripts are available here. An open access pre-print of the paper, which is identical in content, is available here. The publishers version can be found here. Predicting the […]

New preprint on BioRxiv: is beat perception special?

F.L. Bouwer, H. Honing, & H.A. Slagter (2019). Beat-based and memory-based temporal expectations in rhythm: similar perceptual effects, different underlying mechanisms Predicting the timing of incoming information allows the brain to optimize information processing in dynamic environments. Behaviorally, temporal expectations have been shown to facilitate processing of events at expected time points, such as sounds […]

Paper on syntax in music and language accepted in Frontiers in Psychology

M.P. Roncaglia-Denissen, F.L. Bouwer, & H. Honing (2018). Decision Making Strategy and the Simultaneous Processing of Syntactic Dependencies in Language and Music Despite differences in their function and domain-specific elements, syntactic processing in music and language is believed to share cognitive resources. This study aims to investigate whether the simultaneous processing of language and music […]