ABC Talent Grant

I am the lucky recipient of one of two ABC Talent Grants, awarded in September 2016 by Amsterdam Brain and Cognition. The purpose of this grant (100.000 euros) is to spend one year as a postdoctoral researcher at UvA, continuing my research on rhythm and beat perception in the brain. I will be supervised by Dr. […]

Save the date: Workshop on beat perception and temporal prediction on June 7th 2016

Surrounding the festive event of my defense, we will organise a workshop on beat perception and temporal predictions. You are cordially invited to join us for an afternoon of inspiring talks about these topics. Confirmed speakers include Dr. Jessica Grahn, Prof. Dr. Henkjan Honing, Prof. Dr. Sonja Kotz, Prof. Dr. István Winkler, and Dr. Rebecca Schaefer. The workshop will take place on […]

[:en]Item about beat perception in RTL Editie NL[:nl]Item over maatgevoel in RTL Editie NL[:]

[:en]Following the release of the Clapping Music App, which was designed by researchers from Queen Mary University in London, I was asked to appear in RTL Editie NL to talk about beat perception. See the full item here.[:nl]Naar aanleiding van het uitkomen van de Clapping Music App, die ontwikkeld is door wetenschappers van Queen Mary University in Londen, […]