Awarded NWO Veni grant

Extremely happy to announce that I have been awarded an NWO Veni grant! This personal grant will allow me to continue my research into how we perceive patterns and the beat in musical rhythm for the next 4 years. You can find more information in the NWO press release.

Paper on syntax in music and language accepted in Frontiers in Psychology

M.P. Roncaglia-Denissen, F.L. Bouwer, & H. Honing (2018). Decision Making Strategy and the Simultaneous Processing of Syntactic Dependencies in Language and Music Despite differences in their function and domain-specific elements, syntactic processing in music and language is believed to share cognitive resources. This study aims to investigate whether the simultaneous processing of language and music […]

Presenting at SMART and NVP

I will be presenting at both the the SMART Cognitive Science Conference and the bi-annual conference of the NVP this month. At SMART, I will present behavioural data from several tests that assess beat perception abilities during the Musicality Phenotype workshop. At NVP, I will present EEG data looking at the difference between beat-based and […]