Preprint: “A silent disco: Persistent entrainment of low-frequency neural oscillations underlies beat-based, but not pattern-based temporal expectations”

Is something special about beat-based expectations in rhythm? In this paper, we try to find out! The preprint is now fully updated with all the latest analyses, and online on bioRxiv: Bouwer, F.L., Fahrenfort, J.J., Millard, S.K., Kloosterman, N.A., Slagter, H.A. (preprint). A silent disco: Persistent entrainment of low-frequency neural oscillations underlies beat-based, but not pattern-based temporal expectations. bioRxiv, 2020.01.08.899278; doi: […]

Commentary about individual differences out in Journal of Cognition

My fabulous postdoc supervisor Prof. Heleen Slagter invited me to co-author a commentary about individual differences in the Journal of Cognition. Out now! Slagter, H. A., & Bouwer, F. L. (2021). Qualitative Versus Quantitative Individual Differences in Cognitive Neuroscience. Journal of Cognition, 4(1), 49. DOI: Individual differences in cognitive performance can be quantitative or qualitative in nature. […]

Paper on beat-based and memory-based expectations out in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Bouwer, F.L., Honing, H., & Slagter, H.A. (2020). Beat-based and Memory-based Temporal Expectations in Rhythm: Similar Perceptual Effects, Different Underlying Mechanisms All data, experimental files, and analysis scripts are available here. An open access pre-print of the paper, which is identical in content, is available here. The publishers version can be found here. Predicting the […]

New preprint on BioRxiv: is beat perception special?

F.L. Bouwer, H. Honing, & H.A. Slagter (2019). Beat-based and memory-based temporal expectations in rhythm: similar perceptual effects, different underlying mechanisms Predicting the timing of incoming information allows the brain to optimize information processing in dynamic environments. Behaviorally, temporal expectations have been shown to facilitate processing of events at expected time points, such as sounds […]

Paper accepted for publication in Neuropsychologia

F.L. Bouwer, C.M. Werner, M. Knetemann, & H. Honing (2016). Disentangling beat perception from sequential learning and examining the influence of attention and musical abilities on ERP responses to rhythm Beat perception is the ability to perceive temporal regularity in musical rhythm. When a beat is perceived, predictions about upcoming events can be generated. These […]

Paper out in Frontiers in Psychology: temporal attending and prediction

[:en] F.L. Bouwer & H. Honing (2015). Temporal attending and prediction influence the perception of metrical rhythm: evidence from reaction times and ERPs. The processing of rhythmic events in music is influenced by the induced metrical structure. Two mechanisms underlying this may be temporal attending and temporal prediction. Temporal fluctuations in attentional resources may influence […]