Journal articles

Under review/in preparation

  • Bouwer, F.L., Burgoyne, J.A., Odijk, D., Honing, H., & Grahn, J.A. (under review). What makes a rhythm complex? The influence of musical training and accent type on beat perception.
  • Roncaglia-Denissen, M.P., Bouwer, F.L., & Honing, H. (under review). Language and music syntax: simultaneous processing of long-distance dependencies.
  • Honing, H., Bouwer, F.L., Prado, L., & Merchant, H. (under review). Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) sense isochrony in rhythm, but not the beat.
  • Bouwer, F.L., & Henry, M.J. (under review). The dynamic nature of neural entrainment to the beat.
  • Bouwer, F.L., Wild, C.J., Honing, H., & Grahn, J.A. (in preparation). Attentional load influences connectivity between motor areas during beat perception.
  • Bouwer, F.L., Slagter, H.A., & Honing, H. (in preparation). Temporal and identity predictions shape sensory responses to sound in interaction with attention.




Book chapters


Conference proceedings

  • Bouwer, F.L., & Honing, H. (2013). How much beat do you need? An EEG study on the effects of attention on beat perception using only temporal accents.  Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. doi: 10.3389/conf.fnhum.2013.212.00030
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